Benefits of Orthopedics

  • Proper Alignment
  • Better Balance
  • Arch Support
  • Improved Gait
  • Restored Function
  • Increased Performance
  • Pain Relief
  • Reduced Friction
  • Decreased Pressure

Custom Molded Orthotics

Custom molded orthotics are prescribed by your foot doctor and made directly from an impression of your feet. They provide the best possible support by distributing total body weight over the entire surface of the foot and properly aligning the foot, ankle, knee, hip and back.

Don’t suffer from painful feet.

Balance Brace

The Moore Balance Brace is an innovative brace that provides postural stability and improved balance. Its sleek and lightweight design fits comfortably in a shoe and makes it easy to wear for extended periods of time.

Don’t risk serious injury or impairment as a result of falling.

Ritchie Brace

The Ritchie Brace is a custom ankle-foot orthosis that incorporates a functional foot orthotic and a semi-rigid ankle brace. It is designed to control foot and ankle movements in situations where traditional foot orthotics fail.

Don’t settle for a limited lifestyle.

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